sturgeon facts


Some facts about Sturgeon.

✴They eat meat. Yes, they are carnivorous fish, without teeth. 

✴Sturgeon are nick named the living fossil.  Fossils of sturgeon have been found and aged over 250 million years and sturgeon alive today remain almost unchanged from prehistoric times.

✴They are true dinosaurs, and some reach dinosaur sizes.  Huso Huso (Great Beluga) can reach 6-7m.   Making these sturgeon the largest freshwater fish in the world. 

✴Sturgeon are the only creatures that have diamond shaped pupils. 

✴Sturgeon and Sterlet cannot swim backwards, but their turning circle is unrivalled by only fish like eels. 

✴Sturgeon & Sterlets mouth system is unique to them. A vacuum system triggered by the barbells (for tasting) set in-front of the mouth. 

✴ The Sturgeon rows of bony spikes or plates are called Scutes, they have 5 rows, providing the young great protection from predators. 

✴ Some sturgeon have brilliant markings on the top of their heads, all are different from each other. Like our fingerprints if you like. 

✴Sturgeon communicate with sound, the frequency is too low for humans to hear without equipment.   But sounds like rumbling thunder. 

✴Sturgeon travel in pods in the wild, groups of sturgeon. A single sturgeon is a lonely sturgeon.

✴Most Sturgeon species are migratory fish and travel vast journeys to spawning grounds. 

✴Sturgeon skin is tough leather. 

✴Classed as a boneless fish, their skeleton is mainly cartilage.


✴ The sturgeons swim bladder or isinglass is used to clarify wine and beers. 

✴ Sturgeon row or eggs when harvested from the sturgeon is called Caviar, one of the most expensive delicacies you can buy. The saying "fit for a king" comes from King Ivan eating caviar. 

✴ Common knowledge that Sturgeon are killed for their eggs known as caviar.   Over 3 million are slaughtered for Caviar annually in farms. That's 8,242 a day! Caviar can now be produced without the process being fatal. Our/my farm KC Caviar is one of these farms. 

✴ Sturgeon are the world’s number one most endangered species on the planet, mainly due to over fishing, pollution and dam construction. Conservation programs worldwide are slowly helping the remaining few. 

✴ Approx. 27 different species of Sturgeon, all are endangered, some are critically endangered, and some are thought to be Extinct in the wild.  Only 20 (approx.) wild adult Huso Huso (Great Beluga) left in the Caspian Sea. Some species haven't been seen in the wild for over 10 yrs like the Naccarii (Adriatic sturgeon). 

✴ They don’t fear humans like most fish. 

✴ The Huso Huso organs at 5yrs old don’t age any further, nobody knows what age they will reach.   Some species, like the Lake Sturgeon have seen over 200yrs on this planet with their (almost) anti-ageing process. 

✴ Most sturgeon are anadromous fish meaning they can switch from either saltwater or freshwater any time they choose over a period of a few days or weeks. Most Sterlets and Lake sturgeon tend to favour freshwater. 

✴ Sturgeon male and females from the outside are almost identical, ultrasound machines are used to determine the sex. However, once every now and then sturgeon are what’s known as Hermaphrodite. A fish which is both male and female.

✴ In the wild many species hatch in freshwater, live there for approximately a few years or so then travel to the ocean, they will spend most of their life here only returning to spawn once they reach maturity, depending on species, taking approximately 6-20 years. 

✴ In the UK waterways, the sturgeon is classed as the Royal Fish, so basically our royal family owns them, and you must ask the monarch for permission to farm sturgeon. 

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