Frequently Asked Questions

What should i feed my sturgeon?

Its best to feed your sturgeon little but often. So, a few times a day but in smaller amounts, rather than one big feed in a day. We recommend using coppens sturgeon food, which is high in protein, as this will make your sturgeon grow big and strong. if using trout pellets, your sturgeon will be short and stumpy.

Why is my sturgeon curved?

This is often put down to malnutrition. Most commonly, its that your sturgeon is being under fed and its stomach acid is dissolving its internal organs, hence the curved shape.

Do sturgeon eat the algae that's growing in my pond?

The most simple answer is NO!! Sturgeon do not eat plants. They are very much carnivores. So, this also means no frozen peas.  Sturgeon can NOT digest plant proteins.

Does my sturgeon clean my pond?

This links in to the last question. the answer is no. Sturgeon are not Plecos.

Can my sturgeon be in my fish tank in my house?

Sturgeon grow at rapid paces and grow far too big for a fish tank in your home. You should keep your sturgeon in an outdoor pond that is no smaller than 1,000 gallons (4,546.09 litres) for sterlets, and 2000 gallons (9,092.18 litres) for sturgeon.

Do sturgeon communicate?

Yes. Sturgeon do communicate at low frequencies, but unfortunately its too low for humans to hear without equipment. It sounds a bit like rumbling thunder. 

How many sturgeon should i have in my pond?

In the wild, sturgeon travel in pods. A single sturgeon is a lonely sturgeon. We recommend having a minimum of 2 sturgeon in your pond.

What is sturgeon's skin made of?

Sturgeons skin is made of tough leather, not scales.

What sizes do sturgeon grow to?

Sterlets: 0.6 m - 1 m approx. 20 years +

Albino Sterlet

White Tip Sterlet

Sturgeon: 1.5 m - 2 m approx. 50 years +


Diamond Back (Russian)



Huso: 5 m - 7 m 100 years +



Hybrids are often bred with sterlets. Although sizes and ages are similar, they may vary with each hybrid. On average, they are 1m - 1.5m approx. 20 years +

Can sturgeon live with other fish?

Sturgeon are friendly, placid fish that can live along side other fish including koi, orfe, goldfish, tench ect. with no issues at all.

beware of the larger fish (4 ft +) swallowing the odd fingerling, they cannot see what they taste. All fish will pick at the weak and finish them off, or with sturgeon, swallow them whole.

Which pond treatments are safe for sturgeon?

We always say none. It's purely down to luck whether your sturgeon survive.

Sturgeon in weather conditions

Sturgeon should be in temperatures no greater than 22 Celsius and no colder than 2 Celsius.

Sturgeon to food pellet size

2-3mm pellets for 6-14 inch sturgeon

4-6mm pellets for 14-20 inch sturgeon

6mm+ pellets for 20-25 inch sturgeon

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