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Our story

We are a family firm that has been in the Aquatic business since the  early 1990's. We started selling koi carp and would get the odd sturgeon here and there, which we grew to love, so we started selling sturgeon as well. In the later part of 2009, we started to focus on  Sturgeon, with the view of becoming Britain's Premier Sturgeon Farm.

After many years of hard work, KC Sturgeon was born. Our aim is to breed sturgeon so we can repopulate the sturgeon in the wild, which will bring the wild stock back up to the levels it should be (to the IUCN status, least concern).

Mark goes to farms across Europe to find the best quality sturgeon we can provide for our customers and hand picks the sturgeon to ensure our customers have the best possible quality. As we are CEFAS Authorized, we can import sturgeon into the UK from all over the world!

Our fish are quarantined before they are for sale, and are checked by our vet, to ensure they are 100% disease-free and and are in top health.

We source the highest quality sturgeon, and occasionally breed our own. This is why you should choose KC.


Our Team

Mark Addey


Managing Director

Megan Babicz


Trainee Farm Manager

Charlie Carroll


Trainee Husbandry Manager

Carol Addey



About the team

Mark Addey, Managing Director


Mark has a serious claim to fame - he is one of only a tiny handful  of people in the World who is sufficiently skilled to extract eggs  without harming the Sturgeon.

Passionate about protecting these magnificent, ancient creatures,  it’s his vision and drive that has powered KC Caviar through the  inevitable ups and downs of disrupting an Industry.

Megan Babicz, Trainee Farm Manager


Working with Mark, Megan is learning all about the husbandry of our Sturgeon and how to run the admin side of the business on a Trainee Management Apprenticeship. Her job is to help  manage the welfare of our Ladies and to take on some of our administrative jobs. Recently, she has also taken over our sales department too!

Charlie Carroll, Trainee Husbandry Manager

Working alongside Mark, Charlie is training up to be husbandry manager here at KC. His jobs include looking after our beautiful sturgeon and assisting Mark, which covers everything from running the breeding programme through to preparing the brood stock for production 

Carol Addey, Cleaner

Carol joined us at the start of January this year, and has the important job of keeping everything clean and sterile. She works on either side of the farm, from cleaning the fish tanks to just doing the dishes!